12 Week Twin Scan – DC/DA Twins

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12 week twin scanMy girls are 7 weeks old now, however, I wanted to share with you my experience at the 12 week twin scan. As I had a few early miscarriages while trying for another baby (yup, you don’t actually plan for twins), I knew from week 7 that I was expecting DC/DA twins. So the worst shock was over, and we were excited to see the development at 12 weeks.  Continue reading

Eeeeek!!! We’re having twins!!

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Let’s get one thing straight – we didn’t plan to have twins. I don’t think anyone does. In fact, I had only planned on having 2 kids in total – so much for planning right ;-) So when on my 6 week scan I found out that there were two heartbeats in my belly, I was shocked to say the least. To be honest, I cried. And laughed in disbelief. As I was leaving the obstetrician I called Nathan (hubby) and told him the news – he was at the gym at the time and he just laughed and said ‘haha so typical us’ (I’ll explain in a bit). Then I called my mum in Norway (it was the middle of the night there) and told her and cried some more.

First scan at 6 weeks Continue reading