When Does A Baby First Smile?

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baby first smileWhen does baby first smile? It’s the most heartwarming thing to see – that first proper smile from your baby. I do adore the good drunken milk smile too, how can you not smile when they appear :) But I’m talking about the proper smile, the one when you know your baby is interacting with you.

My 3 year old, Lucas, had his first proper smile around 3 weeks – which I’m told is very early. Most babies are 6-8 weeks old when producing their first smile. However, you may very well find that they smile before that (like I did with all my children). My twin girls, Lily and Emma, both smiled cheekily at me in their 5th week, while “hanging out” on the Twin Z PillowContinue reading

12 Week Twin Scan – DC/DA Twins

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12 week twin scanMy girls are 7 weeks old now, however, I wanted to share with you my experience at the 12 week twin scan. As I had a few early miscarriages while trying for another baby (yup, you don’t actually plan for twins), I knew from week 7 that I was expecting DC/DA twins. So the worst shock was over, and we were excited to see the development at 12 weeks.  Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Newborn Twin Photos – I’m so in Love…

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Today I received copies of the baby (+Lucas) photos we had taken the other week. OMG they must be the most beautiful newborn twin photos ever!! (ok, so I am a little biased ;-) But you have to agree they are just gorgeous right? :)

LilyEmma_115 Continue reading

Looking for the Best Twin Breastfeeding Pillow? The Twin Z Feeding Pillow is what you want

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Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 12.08.13 AMBreastfeeding one baby can be challenging enough. Breastfeeding two little rascals is whole different ball game. I was lucky enough to breastfeed my first born, Lucas, for 9 months without any major issues. However, when I found out I was expecting twins I had no plans to breastfeed solely or putting them on formula solely – whatever will be will be. I knew I wanted to try tandem feeding, but didn’t put any unnecessary pressure on myself to accomplish this if it turned out to be too hard. But in preparing for the girls’ arrival, I was looking for the best twin breastfeeding pillow. Once again I turned to my trusted ‘multiples’ Facebook group, as well as checking reviews online. I was keen to get the Twin Z Feeding Pillow – express from the US :)Continue reading

What are the Best Baby Rockers? Reviewing the Fisher-Price Cradle’n Swing

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photo 2I saw this quote on Facebook the other day that made me laugh – so so true: “Rocking a baby to sleep is actually a lot less like a Johnson & Johnson commercial and a lot more like wrestling a 20 lg bag of snakes” (quote from Meghan S.) And here I am – trying to rock not only one, but TWO, babies to sleep in the middle of the night. My two wonderful, beautiful, oh so challenging reflux babies that seem to need endless rocking to settle to sleep…My sister in-law said the best baby rockers were a life saver for her with her kids, and after recommendation from her we purchased the Fisher-Price Cradle’n Swing. Continue reading

A Day of Modelling – Newborn Twin Pictures

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Our twin girls are 1 month old tomorrow. And to celebrate, we got the very talented Linzie Russo to capture some precious moments this morning – taking their newborn twin pictures. Lucas also came along, and cooperated long enough to be in a few of the photos.

I tried my very best to time it so that the girls were asleep for the photo session, but of course Emma took her sweet time to doze off. I was just in awe watching Linzie work her magic with them, and I am so extremely excited to see the edited and finished photos in a couple of weeks :)

In the meantime, here are some of my iPhone photos of the event:

photo 2Continue reading

Losing my mind after 1 month with twins??!

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Hmmm….I’m not too far off I think. What changed in a week?? I swear, up until last week I felt like I was getting more sleep at night than I did at the last couple of months of pregnancy. And that’s with feeding the girls twice a night….it seemed easy; feed and straight back to sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, they still get up a couple of times a night to feed (they are only 4 weeks old)…but the whole “straight back to sleep”-scenario is gone. NON-EXISTENT! Continue reading

Looking for The Best Twin Pram? Check out the Bugaboo Donkey Twin

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Bugaboo Donkey Twin Review – The Best Twin Pram

Bugaboo Donkey TwinWhen we first started trying for baby number two, the plan was just to reuse all the stuff from when Lucas was a baby – including the pram, which was a Steelcraft Strider Plus. And so when we found out we were expecting twins, we had to start looking for the best twin pram. I wanted a side-by-side pram rather than a type with one seat in front of the other, and also one that could have the seats (once they’re out of the bassinets) facing me. Turns out the latter requirement excludes a lot of twin prams. I turned to my Multiple Birth Club’s Facebook group for advice, as well as other in store and online research, and decided on the Bugaboo Donkey Twin.

Continue reading

Eeeeek!!! We’re having twins!!

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Let’s get one thing straight – we didn’t plan to have twins. I don’t think anyone does. In fact, I had only planned on having 2 kids in total – so much for planning right ;-) So when on my 6 week scan I found out that there were two heartbeats in my belly, I was shocked to say the least. To be honest, I cried. And laughed in disbelief. As I was leaving the obstetrician I called Nathan (hubby) and told him the news – he was at the gym at the time and he just laughed and said ‘haha so typical us’ (I’ll explain in a bit). Then I called my mum in Norway (it was the middle of the night there) and told her and cried some more.

First scan at 6 weeksContinue reading

Happy New Year!

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As the first post on my new website I thought I’d take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2015! :-)

Seeing we welcomed our gorgeous twin girls Lily & Emma 2 weeks ago, I’ll be “celebrating” the evening at home feeding and cuddling while hubby is partying up at a friends wedding…ahh, I can always celebrate in a proper way next year right? ;-)

I’ll be working more on the blog over the next few days, and at the very least finish the “about us” section so you get a better idea of who I am.

In the meantime, take care tonight – be merry and have a great celebration!!