Losing my mind after 1 month with twins??!

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Hmmm….I’m not too far off I think. What changed in a week?? I swear, up until last week I felt like I was getting more sleep at night than I did at the last couple of months of pregnancy. And that’s with feeding the girls twice a night….it seemed easy; feed and straight back to sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, they still get up a couple of times a night to feed (they are only 4 weeks old)…but the whole “straight back to sleep”-scenario is gone. NON-EXISTENT! Far out, the last few nights it has taken Emma 2-2.5 hours to fall asleep again EVERY SINGLE time! And we are not talking just a little grunting here and there – nope, it’s full on screaming! wow, it’s so much fun and not frustrating at all ;-) Especially when she finally falls asleep, it’s nearly time for the next feed and Lily, who still (knock on wood) falls back to sleep relatively easy, will wake up and “here we go again”

And the funny thing is that as I’m writing this, it’s 1.30pm in Sydney and they are both fed and asleep. My in-laws have taken my toddler Lucas to the park to give me some time to rest, and of course I feel strangely awake (zombie state, but awake) and have just enough energy to get things done. Get some sleep Karina, for crying out loud!! (yup, speaking to myself)

The one thing I believe that keeps me from going over the edge is the single most certain fact about newborns; Change is constant. And surely this “naughty” behaviour by Emma is not going to last forever, and perhaps tonight she will be awake only an hour for each feed…just maybe…maybe…(but not likely;-)

But look here – how adorable do they look when at peace (love love love)

Sleeping beauties

I’d love to hear from you – and your experiences and helpful tips with non-sleeping, screaming babies. Please feel free to comment below.

Have a lovely day!



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