Looking for The Best Twin Pram? Check out the Bugaboo Donkey Twin

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Bugaboo Donkey Twin Review – The Best Twin Pram

Bugaboo Donkey TwinWhen we first started trying for baby number two, the plan was just to reuse all the stuff from when Lucas was a baby – including the pram, which was a Steelcraft Strider Plus. And so when we found out we were expecting twins, we had to start looking for the best twin pram. I wanted a side-by-side pram rather than a type with one seat in front of the other, and also one that could have the seats (once they’re out of the bassinets) facing me. Turns out the latter requirement excludes a lot of twin prams. I turned to my Multiple Birth Club’s Facebook group for advice, as well as other in store and online research, and decided on the Bugaboo Donkey Twin.

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