Eeeeek!!! We’re having twins!!

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Let’s get one thing straight – we didn’t plan to have twins. I don’t think anyone does. In fact, I had only planned on having 2 kids in total – so much for planning right ;-) So when on my 6 week scan I found out that there were two heartbeats in my belly, I was shocked to say the least. To be honest, I cried. And laughed in disbelief. As I was leaving the obstetrician I called Nathan (hubby) and told him the news – he was at the gym at the time and he just laughed and said ‘haha so typical us’ (I’ll explain in a bit). Then I called my mum in Norway (it was the middle of the night there) and told her and cried some more.

First scan at 6 weeksOk, let me backtrack a little to give some more insight. First of all, the reason I went for a scan at 6 weeks was that I had experienced no less than 3 early miscarriages while trying for bubba number 2. They were all very early losses, but losses none the less, and at some point it starts messing a bit with your head. So my obstetrician said that I should come in for an early scan the next time I had a positive test. Fast forward to 6 weeks gestation, and the scan clearly shows two sacs – one heart beat in each sac.

And Nathan’s reaction by saying how this is so “typical us” stems from basically having nothing go to plan…ever. In this particular instance, apart from the obvious of creating multiple people, we had settled on our first home only a couple of weeks earlier. Yes, we bought a unit. A 2 bedroom unit. For 5 people…just great ;-) Look, we were clearly planning to extend our family, and the unit we bought is big enough for one more kid – a baby brother or sister for Lucas to share a room with. We had not in our wildest dreams thought that Lucas would have to share with 2 baby sisters. But there you go – we’ll make it work in the tight space. Cause we have to :)

So who’s to “blame” for this twin pregnancy? That would be me :) My grandmother on my mum’s side was a fraternal twin. Everyone seems to always ask who has twins in the family when we told them we were expecting multiples, so there you go.

Don’t get me wrong, we soon started getting really excited about the ventures ahead, but the initial feelings were ones of disbelief and slight shock.


If you have multiples yourself, I’d love to hear your first reactions to the news and so please feel free to comment below. Also, if you don’t have multiples – how do you think you’d react to such news? I would love to hear your comments, feedback and questions – and will aim to get back to you asap.

Have a fabulous day!


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