Growing Belly

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Well…..if you’re interested…here are pictures my ever growing belly during my twin pregnancy. You are warned; there’s a whole lot of selfies here :)

(also, please note that I don’t have belly photos from weeks 4 to 14 – aarrrghhh, iPhone crashed and clearly I don’t do backups often enough)

Week 3

week 3Oh my….that feels like a long time ago…and a looot of skin stretching ago. But if my body permits – I will see these muscles again in the future :)





Week 15

Week 15Weight gain so far:
2.3 kg






Week 17

Week 17Weight gain so far:
4.7 kg





Week 18

Week 18Weight gain so far:
4.9 kg






Week 20

Week 20Weight gain so far:
6.6 kg






Week 22

Week 22Weight gain so far:
8.9 kg






Week 23

Week 23Weight gain so far:
10.3 kg






Week 26

Week 26Weight gain so far:
12.2 kg






Week 28

Week 28Weight gain so far:
15.1 kg

Officially in maternity wear by now. And look at my beautiful boy Lucas :)





Week 29

Week 29Weight gain so far:
14.9 kg I dropped some weight from the previous week…clearly not a trend ;-)





Week 30

week 30Weight gain so far:
16.4 kg






Week 31

Week 31Weight gain so far: Week 31 - veins!
16.6 kg







Oh, the veins (!)…so so attractive ;-)





Week 35

Week 35Weight gain so far:
23.4 kg







Oh my – the cankles are well and truly here to stay!

Cankles week 35Cankles

Week 36

Week 36Weight gain so far:
24.5 kg






Week 37

Week 37Weight gain so far:
25 kg






Week 38

Week 38Total twin pregnancy weight gain:
25.2 kg







Week 38 - 2 days to go








10 days post delivery

photo 1photo 2Weight loss in 10 days:
20 kg!! :)

Ok, so I did lose the baby weight fairly quickly in my first pregnancy too, but 20 kgs in 10 days?! Thank you thank you thank you :):) Goes to show exactly how much excess fluids I was carrying. Still got 5-6 kgs to go, and I’m in no rush – but I must admit I feel so so much lighter on my feet (duuhh…naturally!) And a bonus – I can actually fit my engagement ring on my finger again too! :) And best of all – two gorgeous baby girls to cuddle and kiss all day :):)

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