Looking for the Best Twin Breastfeeding Pillow? The Twin Z Feeding Pillow is what you want

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Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 12.08.13 AMBreastfeeding one baby can be challenging enough. Breastfeeding two little rascals is whole different ball game. I was lucky enough to breastfeed my first born, Lucas, for 9 months without any major issues. However, when I found out I was expecting twins I had no plans to breastfeed solely or putting them on formula solely – whatever will be will be. I knew I wanted to try tandem feeding, but didn’t put any unnecessary pressure on myself to accomplish this if it turned out to be too hard. But in preparing for the girls’ arrival, I was looking for the best twin breastfeeding pillow. Once again I turned to my trusted ‘multiples’ Facebook group, as well as checking reviews online. I was keen to get the Twin Z Feeding Pillow – express from the US :)

This feeding pillow is very big, but I soon realised it was exactly what I needed. I brought it with me to the hospital, and was able to successfully tandem breastfeed the girls using the Twin Z. Mind you, my littlest girl Lily, wasn’t a very great latcher at the time and it did make it rather painful – not that I can blame the feeding pillow for it. The pillow was awesome, gave me great back support and I could put both girls in the right place without any need for assistance.

Twin z 1

Lily and Emma relaxing on the Twin Z in the hospital

Fast forward to today – my girls are now nearly 7 weeks old – and I believe the Twin Z is the #1 most used baby item I have. I feed Lily and Emma in a variety of ways; sometimes tandem feeding, sometimes bottle feeding both, and most of the time I breastfeed one while bottle feeding the other…all methods of which I use the Twin Z pillow. I have added some pictures (taken from the Twin Z website) to demonstrate the different uses, and as you can see it is highly versatile in its functionalities; for feeding, tummy time, aid when learning to sit, pregnancy pillow etc.

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 12.10.05 AMScreen shot 2015-02-01 at 12.08.50 AMScreen shot 2015-02-01 at 12.08.36 AM

I have a couple of cuddle covers, however, I tend to always cover it with a blanket of some kind to avoid the mess that can come with feeding and having to wash the covers all the time. My twins, Lily and Emma, also loves to chill on the pillow after a feed and we have a little tummy time and play on it before sleep time (oh, you challenging sleep time!).

Twin z 2

Lucas giving his sisters a cuddle – on the Twin Z :)

Twin z 3

Tummy time

If you are looking for the best twin breastfeeding pillow, then I can absolutely 100% recommend the Twin Z Feeding Pillow – it is awesome in every way! :) So glad I did my research and chose this one in particular.

As always, I’d love to hear from you – whether it is feedback on my post or website, your own twin feeding experiences, recommendations of other pillows – please do drop me a line below. And I also encourage you to sign up to our mailing list to get notified of all new blog posts and reviews.

Have a brilliant day!


Twin z 4

Even toddlers like a rest on this feeding pillow :o)

4 thoughts on “Looking for the Best Twin Breastfeeding Pillow? The Twin Z Feeding Pillow is what you want

  1. Now my son was 12 so there is some years since he was a baby. But I remember how hard his mother had to give him the breast from a comfortable position. I dare not think about if there had been two at a time. As I see it you have found an ingenious solution to this. I am sure that this helps them started life in a great way. When the mother is doing well so it also comes with a guarantee to seep through to children

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