When Does A Baby First Smile?

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baby first smileWhen does baby first smile? It’s the most heartwarming thing to see – that first proper smile from your baby. I do adore the good drunken milk smile too, how can you not smile when they appear :) But I’m talking about the proper smile, the one when you know your baby is interacting with you.

My 3 year old, Lucas, had his first proper smile around 3 weeks – which I’m told is very early. Most babies are 6-8 weeks old when producing their first smile. However, you may very well find that they smile before that (like I did with all my children). My twin girls, Lily and Emma, both smiled cheekily at me in their 5th week, while “hanging out” on the Twin Z Pillow

From the moment your baby is born she/he is interested in expressing her/his feelings. They have been practising their facial expressions in the womb, and is a quick and keen learning once born. At the time they give you the first smile, you may also find that they try to gimmick your facial expressions – such as sticking out your tongue.

The best time to communicate with your baby is when she is calm, yet not sleepy. Holding her opposite you, talking gently and making your own facial expressions, you may find yourself surprised at the responses you get. A smile, some “talking” noises, a tongue mimicking you…All so very adorable.

Check out these cutie pictures of Lily and Emma :)

Lily 7 weeksLily 5 weeks

Emma And with that, I hopefully leave you with a smile on your face. Would love to hear your comments or feedback below, and please feel free to sign up to our newsletter.

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4 thoughts on “When Does A Baby First Smile?

  1. Oh my goodness. They are so cute! Sometimes I want one of my own. Then I lie down and the feeling goes away. That is what nieces and nephews are for! Heh Heh. Seriously, they are adorable thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi Karina, A very interesting article, I never knew that babies practiced their facial expressions in the womb, that is amazing. I experienced the mimicking with my own son, which was pretty magical, your little ones are very cute by the way.


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